History of BT Express

This LLC was formed in August of 2000. Its formation was a life-long dream of the registering agent, Munson McLeod who had aspirations of owning his own trucking company as a child growing up in a family-owned business named Bill’s Auto Wreckers of Rahway, New Jersey. He began an early career in trucking as a mechanic for the Toyota Industrial Truck division in Lincoln Park, NJ, and was charged with responsibilities of hydraulic installation and repair in addition to the installation of propane equipment on vehicles of nationially known brands such as Entemann’s Cakes, Gallo Win, and UPS.

Truck Side View

Initial contracts for the newly registered BT Express LLC included:

  • Evans Trucking – Pennsylvania
  • Ware Industries – New Jersey
  • Concrete Stone & Tile – New Jersey
  • Dynamic Metal – New Jersey
  • Tyrone Trucking Inc. – Pennsylvania

The standard operating procedures and company structure are in place and have been perfected throughout the years. The time has come to broaden the client base to include Fortune 500 companies in the interest of providing quality services at competitive rates while increasing the company’s notoriety and profit margin.


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